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Hey!! These photos were last updated on Wednesday, February 16, 2000

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Here are some pictures of me and my family that I thought you might like to look at.
The most current shots are at the top, the ones of me as a puppy are at the bottom.

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aircoz99.jpg (38264 bytes) Here's my Halloween costume for this year!!
Look out Air Jordan,  here comes Air Cozmo!!
cozfiredog99.jpg (27629 bytes) Here I am in my FireDog costume from last year - It fits much better this year!

You can't see the fireplace behind me very well, but I can assure you that it was lit!
(Get it, firedog = fireplace? hahaha!)

cozsister.jpg (53074 bytes) Here I am wid my FULL SISTER!!!   Can you believe that in this HUGE world we finally met??!!  She is from the litter of puppies my parents had before me, so she's a bit older.  Don't we look alike??
lucycozedge.jpg (83894 bytes) This is me and Crazy Cousin Lucy at the Dutchess County Terrier Trial in June.  We had just rescued her from being boarded at the VETs - do you think that is why she is smiling??
pooledge.jpg (65336 bytes) In this picture, I am at Nannie & Poppie's house in my swimmy pool!
I really like to go there because I can run and run - and also I can play with Crazy Cousin Lucy!
pool2.jpg (114190 bytes) AHHHH - that cold water feels GOOD!
huntsmillcoz.jpg (15573 bytes) Here I am at the Hunt's Mill Terrier Trial back in May.
What form! What physique!
computercoz.jpg (99298 bytes) Daddy and I are checking the email - so far, that Wishbone has not returned any of my letters offering to co-star in a movie with him!!
cozball.jpg (43464 bytes) Did someone say BALL???!!!!
bluecoz.jpg (32401 bytes) This photo is from a very sad time of my life. 
I figured if Picasso could have a Blue Period, so could I :-)
This was the day I came home after my visit with "Dr. Shineyknife" - oh, the humiliation!!
samcoz.jpg (68765 bytes) Even Samantha the Maine Coon alien cat was lining up just to laugh at me in all of my sadness...

Cozmo takes a bath!

please.jpg (33908 bytes) *PLEASE* Mommy, can I go in the bathtub???  I'll even TAKE a bath!
lick.jpg (77334 bytes) Hey, there's WATER in this thing!!!!
splash.jpg (32280 bytes) Grrrr!  Take that, you liquid monster!!!
I'll bite you in half!

cutecoz.jpg (26229 bytes)

And here I am, right after my bath - clean as a whistle and oh-so-handsome to boot!!! (Mommy MADE me write that last bit!!)

Cozmo takes Manhattan!

tomcoz.jpg (95451 bytes)

This is Tom, of Tom & Melissa, Mommy's friends.  We went to visit them in New York City and I had them eating out my paw charmed in just a few short hours.
Look, Tom is even lifting me up to smell the flowers in their apartment- what a deal!

cozwoman.jpg (67583 bytes)

Here I am at the dog park in New York City - this was one dynamite lady! She and I really hit it off!  But then we had to leave, and I never even learned her name!
And then they FIXED me!!
Oh, sweet love lost!

You want to see MORE pictures of me??  How FLATTERING!!
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