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Here is where I keep my old photos, so the main page does not get so cluttered.

Again, if you click on the thumbnail, you can see a larger picture - have fun!

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Cozmo's 1st Birthday - July 22, 1999

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Here I am with my yummy ice cream cake from Carvel!

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"Can I PLEASE eat it now????"

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"Oh yeah! This is the good stuff!!"

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"Well, I made short work of THAT cake!"

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"C'mon Mom, let me have another piece of cake!
It's MY birthday!"


Cozmo's 1st Christmas - 1998

treecoz.jpg (74242 bytes) To make Mommy happy, I sat in front of the tree on my 1st Christmas.
My good pal Ducky kept me company throughout the whole ordeal..
holidaycoz.jpg (62525 bytes) Mommy and Daddy took me to PetSmart to meet this man they called "Santy Paws" - he wanted to hold me, but I didn't like the smell of his suit!
So, I sat on Mommy's lap and Daddy got in the photo too - it's our 1st family portrait!


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cozbag.jpg (49692 bytes) This is one of my favorite places to stand - on the broken arm of the couch.
Mommy says I am helping the couch into an early grave - and I LOVE to help!
After we took the picture, I showed Mommy there was another Jack - the one on the bag.  
So, who's the better looking Jack ladies????
daddycoz.jpg (47291 bytes) I love to nap with Daddy - he give the BEST belly rubs!!
aircozmo.jpg (28511 bytes) This is me when I was a little puppy - I was a strong guy even back then!
All I have left of that toy now is the red piece of cloth - and I LOVE to chew it - grrrr!
cozfiredog.jpg (26204 bytes) I was a firepup for my 1st Halloween.  Everybody who came to our door thought I was SOOO cute. 
It was such a cool costume that Zeeber stole it and went out partying all night - see?
  zeeberfire.jpg (23547 bytes)
cozmotv.jpg (24273 bytes) I couldn't believe it!  Mice - RODENTS!! - were in MY television!
So, I did what any smart Jack would do - tried to get them out!
And all Mommy did was laugh and run for the camera - what does SHE know about hunting the vermin anyway???
cozmozeeber.jpg (17667 bytes) Zeeber-Gee and I were having a race to see who could get to Mommy first.
(OK, she had treats in her hand!)
I am MUCH bigger than he is now!


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