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These links were last updated on Friday, August 25, 2000

During my web surfing, I've come across some cool pages.
Take a look - I think they are all worthwhile sites!

Dog Section

  • Dog Play
        Here are some fun games you can teach your human to play with you.

For my links to great toy websites, please visit my Toy Review page!!

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My pal Oscar and his sister Bailey were the inspiration for their mom's artwork!!
Check them out - so cool!!

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Visit my good pals, the Velcro Brothers - they run the auctions on E-bay!

The Jack Russell Brewing Co.
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As Homer Simpson said so eloquently "mmm, BEER..." (I like a good Chardonnay as well ;-)

MollyDog Graphics
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That MollyDog is one artistic chick!   
She makes all her own snowglobes!

The Monks of New Skete

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Fuzzy Faces Graphics is a wonderful site! Be sure to stop by - there's always something new!
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This place makes the BEST treats in the WHOLE WORLD!!!

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This site will tell you all the places you can accompany your hoomans!

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My Hawaiian Friends!

Supporters of

Here are puppies that need your help - Please consider adopting a shelter dog!! They will love you for it!


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