Jack Russell Terrier Toy Review


All toys featured on this page have been given Cozmo's approval ratting (or is that rating?)!


mrat1.gif (317 bytes)mrat1.gif (317 bytes)mrat1.gif (317 bytes)mrat1.gif (317 bytes) - AWESOME! I NEED ANOTHER ONE!!!
mrat1.gif (317 bytes)mrat1.gif (317 bytes)mrat1.gif (317 bytes) - It's a heckuva lotta fun!
mrat1.gif (317 bytes)mrat1.gif (317 bytes) - Eh, I've had more fun with the cat toys
mrat1.gif (317 bytes) - If there's nothing else around, it's not bad...

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4 Rat Ratings mrat1.gif (317 bytes)mrat1.gif (317 bytes)mrat1.gif (317 bytes)mrat1.gif (317 bytes) Creme de la Creme of Jack Toys!
Disco Spider discospider.jpg (4297 bytes) Oh MAN!
This guy RULES!! It's so big and so floppy - I still have mine around, minus a few legs.   He came with me all the way to Jackapalooza in Indiana this past summer - you MUST get one of these!!!
Mojo the Monkey Boy mojo.jpg (5317 bytes) Mojo is a toy I met through my pal
Bad Boy Brody of Robin Hill
There are many breeds of mojo - Mojo Giraffe, Mojo Lion, Mojo Rhino, etc. But the Monkey Boy is the best! HE has the most strings to pull out and leave all over the carpet! Your parent's will LOVE this one! hahaha!!
NOTE: Usually found in Target, Wal-Mart for ~$3 - they sell them at grocery stores for more than $7 !! DO NOT let your parents waste their money when they could buy you TWO for the price of one supermarket Mojo!!
The Duckworths ducks.jpg (7723 bytes)


This is my pal Duckie and his family.  Duckie has seen me through many an ordeal - posing for last year's Christmas photo, my visit to Dr. ShineyKnife, the kennel, etc.
My point being, a duckie can be a Jack's best friend - and he's machine washable! (P.S. My duckie is the one sitting on his butt! He's so COOL!)
Booda Shippaleena shippy.jpg (17702 bytes) Now, doesn't this look like the true face of EVIL??!!  This is the furry likeness of the Jack Enemy SHIPALEENA!!!   We Jacks at JRO are united in fighting the curse of Shippy and her demon spawn!! I had one of these and ripped her to pieces - grrr!  Shippy, I will get you yet girl!!!!


3 Rat Ratings mrat1.gif (317 bytes)mrat1.gif (317 bytes)mrat1.gif (317 bytes) These are pretty good too!
Water Kong Toy swimkong.jpg (10337 bytes) Well, I don't have one of these, but my good friend Miss Dixie does, and boy, does she love it! Her mom throws it in the water for her and she swims to go and get it.  Maybe if I get one, it will get a higher rating! hahaha!
Buddy Glow Ball buddyglowball.jpg (16804 bytes) These glow balls can be pretty cool - a nice change of pace from the ordinary tennis ball.  You can play with these at night when your parents are trying to sleep - it will drive them crazy!! Just try it and see for yourself!!!
Cat-A -Whirl
catawhirl.jpg (9115 bytes) Well, I must say these are pretty fun to chase - they are funny lookin', so your hooman might throw these more often than a regular frisbee.  I personally prefer the squirrel - the cat could get me in trouble around here!
Bungee Weiner Dogs bungeeplush.jpg (18186 bytes) When I first opened the box containing this toy, I was a bit skeptical if Bungee Weiner Dog would stand up to my kind of punishment.  It's been 3 weeks and all he is missing is one of his ears - I have to hand it to this guy!!  He is lots of fun to carry around and even has a rattle as well as a sqeaker (so when you kill the squeaky, you can still have fun!)  I would definitely ask Mommy for another one!!
Tennis Ball Tugger tennisballtuggers.gif (20529 bytes) A good game of tug is paradise for a Jack! I have been known to hang onto a rope while being carried around the house!!   I am that strong!

Anyway, a rope is good, but a rope anna ball is BETTER!! Buy one today!


2 Rat Ratings mrat1.gif (317 bytes)mrat1.gif (317 bytes) Well, you could give these to a CAT!
The Buster Cube bustercube.jpg (6450 bytes) This toy is fun sometimes - maybe for the inferior breeds! (Sorry Lassie!) Us Jacks are way too clever to be working THAT hard for some kibble!  We know that a cute trick or some sad eyes will get us something even BETTER!
So, my opinion of this toy is that it's ok if you're hungry AND bored.
Kitty Hoots Doctor Doris vet.jpg (44718 bytes) Now, this is something I needed after visiting Dr. ShineyKnife last year.  It was the V-E-T's fault I had to wear that stoopid lampshade onna my head! grr - I could just bite him good!!
If this toy wasn't so flimsy, it would've gotten a higher rating.  But, I know this would only last about 5 minutes with me!!!!!
Kong Toy FS4002.JPG (14576 bytes) I have two of these at home and don't really find them too exciting, like this inferior breed does (sorry RatDog, this guy happens to resemble you!!).

The only time I like this toy is when Mommy loads it up with peanut butter - but, on the flip side, that usually means I am going to be left home in my crate!! No, I do NOT like the Kong!


1 Rat Ratings mrat1.gif (317 bytes) Why spend your money at all???!
Flavored Tennis Balls flavoredtennisballs.jpg (14834 bytes) Now, I ask you, what makes a flavored tennis ball so great??  I would rather have 10 generic, plain tasting tennis balls than one of these! The more the merrier!!  Well, maybe it will make the breath a little better for your hooman, but why spend the $$??
Vinyl Hamburger burger.jpg (3463 bytes) Why is this toy dumb?
1. Vinyl + JRT = .2 seconds
2. If I wanted a hamburger, I'd get Mommy to take me to the Golden Arches for a real one!!

Q. Hey COZ! Where can I get these COOL toys??!

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Happy Playing to ALL!