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8-25-00 Added new award, updated and added some new links
8-18-00 Gave my main page a whole new look!!
added a main photo page and a cool stuff page!
Hope you like it!
7-21-00 Added new award
7-7-00 Updated book of the month, added trial stats and new wallpaper - design change is coming soon!
5-15-00 Updated book of the month, changed wallpapers, added trial stats and some new pictures of ME!
4-12-00 Updated book of the month, decorated for Easter, added some trial information
2-22-00 Updated my trials page for the 2000 season, decorated for St. Patty's day, fixed some broken links.
1-7-2000 Made it through the millennium ok!!
Added new holiday page, updated home page, updated some links
12-22-99 Decorated for Christmas, became a Pets.com affiliate
12-2-99 Decorated for Hanukkah, added toy gallery, added this page!
11-22-99 Added new award, updated photos
11-17-99 Reorganized pages, decorated for Thanksgiving!
11-3-99 Added link to Zing! Album in Photo Album
11-1-99 Joined the Meaner Wiener Club, added new awards, Halloween photos in Photo Album
10-28-99 Added new links, Dog of the Day Graphic to Awards page
10-6-99 Added pictures of Monty, Mr. Utley and Spinner to Friends page
10-4-99 Moved CoZ-MaNia to a new address on Tripod, added Jackapalooza page, Tribute to Moonshadow