The Cozmo Challenge!

Take the COZMO CHALLENGE to see how much you really know!!!
Make sure you check back for new questions!

1. What are the names of my cats?
Zebra-Tea and Samantha
Zeeber-Gee and Samantha

2. What is my favorite toy?
Dad's Laser Pointer
The Tennis Ball

3. What is the leading cause of death for Jack Russells?
Being eaten by larger dogs

4. Do you like my web site?
Yeah - it's the coolest!!
Nah - I've seen better...

Score =
Correct answers:

100% = Are you a relative or close personal friend?
75% = You ARE a human, after all...
50% = Better brush up on the Coz-Trivia
25% = The cats could teach you a thing or two..
0% = So very sad - better luck next time.