Awards I've Won!

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Hey! This page was last updated on Friday, August 25, 2000 - no foolin'!

These awards were presented to me for this lovely homepage of mine.
Since these folks were so kind to come and see my page, won't you visit theirs?


August 25, 2000

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Lucky Me!! I won this awesome award from the The English Jack Russell Terrier Club Alliance, Inc. (EJRTCA). 
Please visit their site!

July 21, 2000

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Just in time for my birthday!!

Pretty Cool!!

November 20, 1999

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OhBoy!  I am CERTIFIABLE now!
Hey - know what?  I could win a really BIG prize if you click on the link above and vote for me!!! Please??

October 31, 1999

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I am now a  member of the
Meaner Wieners Club!
Click on my masked photo to see me and other club members!

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October 27, 1999

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I was named Dog of the Day!
Please visit this site and see all the great pets!!


October 29th, 1999

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She's as sweet as her name, Sugar is!! 
Look what she gave me!!

July 19, 1999

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From Georgina's Winnie the Pooh Page!

July 13, 1999

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I won
Kipper's All Breed Photo Contest
the week of June 28 - July 4, 1999!!

Thanks to everyone who voted for me!

August 31, 1999

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From Stella & Ruby's Homepage - two of the cutest girls in the world!

July 7, 1999

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And this is the award that Mommy won for making my site - aren't those Maui Kids nice for recognizing the hooman effort ?


June 25th, 1999

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Please make sure to check out previous Sites of the Week!

July 7, 1999

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I got this cool award from the UpCountry Maui Kids - they are some COOL Jacks!

December 29, 1998

Kipper's Corgi Hysteria

Blue-Eyed Jack Award from
Cotton's World!

Awesome site award from
Dog Day Afternoon

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